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Vastu Consultancy

Vastu Tips for Home Planning and Design ( Do’s and Don’t’s )
1. Vastu tips for bedroom: Auspicious placement of the master bedroom is very important for a vastu house map. South-West, West, West Of Southwest, North, and North-West are good positions for planning bedrooms. Never head towards the north direction at the time of sleeping.

2. Vastu tips for kitchen: South-East ( Agni Kon ) is the preferable position for a vastu map. But Applied Vastu recommends South-of-South-East, West, and North-West also good placement of the kitchen as per Vaastu Shastra. Never place the kitchen in the north, North East, or East direction.

3. Vastu for living room: Most activity is performed in the living room. Family recreation, social gatherings, the first impression created by a living room. A living room must be clutter-free, impressive, and have good color and light. The position of a living room depends on the facing of the house and space arrangement.

4. Vasthu for staircase: As per the AppliedVastu case study, the stairs are auspicious for all 16 zones except the northeast zone. People have some misconceptions about stair placement, the stair is heavy, and many vastu designers place them in the South, South-west, and west zone.

5. Vastu for puja room: Most preferable position of the puja room is Noth-East ( Ishaan ) Zone. A vastu designer also can place a Puja room in the West zone of a home.
6. Vaastu tips for dining room: Dinning room is preferable in the west, east, and south directions. The distance between the dining and kitchen should be minimum.

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